Fla-manufacturing can supply a wide range of ignition cables, often from stock, to the following specifications:

Ferroflex® Silicone Reactive Core Cable
Our own-brand premium cable used in the majority of our high performance lead sets. The core consists of a fibreglass base coated with a ferromagnetic compound and tightly wound with a stainless steel resistance wire under a coat of conductive lacquer. The design ensures maximum spark quality with minimum voltage loss while maintaining excellent Electro Magnetic Pulse suppression. Click here to view PDF Data Sheet.


Maglite® Silicone Magnetic Core Cable
Our own-brand cable. High spark quality. Lower suppression. Generally used for lead sets which have long runs where conventional suppressed cables are liable to voltage drop. Maglite® core consists of a fibreglass base strengthened with additional aramid fibres, tightly wound with stainless steel resistance wire and covered with a specially developed acrylic conductive coat. Click here to view PDF Data Sheet.


Copper Core
Ignition cable with a stranded copper core is used where electromagnetic suppression is not a consideration or where suppression is controlled by resistive cable connections to the spark plug or distributor / coil. Copper core cable guarantees the best spark quality with no voltage loss but requires some additional means of suppression if the Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) is to be contained. Click here to view PDF Data Sheet.

Silicone Resistive Core Cable
Ignition cable with a resistive core for use where suppression is required. The resistance range is from 9.8 - 23 kOhms / metre (typically 10 - 15 kOhms / metre) with other ranges to special order. At this level of resistance, the correct balance between good spark quality and a high level of EMP suppression is achieved. Click here to view PDF Data Sheet.



  • Optional resistance levels with all wirewound cores (Ferroflex and Maglite)
  • Reinforcement options; braid, ‘no braid’, polyester tape.
  • Cable printing and rewinding facility available.
  • Popular cables ex-stock; others made to order.
  • All sizes/colours considered.
  • Normal or low resistance options with suppressed cores.
  • High dielectric materials available.
  • Cut/strip and pinning facility.
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