Fla-manufacturing carries comprehensive stocks of:

  • Sparkplug / DIS / distributor and coil boots manufactured from Silicone / PVC / EPDM and PBT
  • Resistive boots 1kOhm / 2kOhm / 4kOhm and 5kOhm
  • Suitable for European / Asian / American vehicle applications
  • Ignition terminals to suit all fittings and cable types - brass; zinc plated steel; stainless steel and berylium copper. DIN/SAE/Pin/M4

In addition, we offer:

  • Boots designed and moulded to suit customer requirements

  • A database of vehicle application listings
  • A comprehensive range of items from stock on a next-day delivery service, when required, whether your order is for 10 or 10,000 pieces
  • Products exported worldwide
  • Technical support, design solutions, problem solving and expertise
  • A fast, efficient service using a variety of delivery and packing options guaranteed

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