It is the established policy of fla-manufacturing ltd to provide to all their customers’ product that is delivered without deviation from the company’s or customer’s quality specification.

The quality specification represents the highest level of functional and safety requirements in the manufacturing activities of fla-manufacturing ltd.
This policy involves all aspects of fla-manufacturing ltd activities and its employees.

On-going system review and evaluation, including formal internal audits and management review ensures :

  • that the quality management system continues to be suitable and effective
  • a policy of continuous improvement created through measurement of processes and effectiveness.

All necessary action is taken following evaluation, and appropriate objectives and targets are set so as to maintain the standards associated with the fla-manufacturing ltd brand name.

Our objectives include the following :

  • All manufactured orders are to be completed 100% within the time quoted on the order acknowledgment.
  • Maximum 24 hour response to any enquiry with the exception of enquiries received over the weekend.
  • Increase in turn over and profitability in our core business areas.

Progress towards the meeting these objectives is reviewed and action taken to ensure that all practicable steps are identified and appropriate system amendment is initiated.

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